The creation of ART the Dalmatian ‘A HEAD’ of schedule

ART the Dalmatian is the newest—and largest—friend of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council. At 20′ tall ART will be artists’ best friend and welcome visitors to exhibitions and presentations in Central ARTSTATION. ART will also guard the Central ARTSTATION.
On August 25, 2009 an arsonist lit a tragic fire that completely destroyed Shreveport Regional Arts Council’s headquarters. This unfortunate, but inspiring event resulted in the exciting opportunity to repurpose the City’s landmark Central Fire Station (1922) to Central ARTSTATION. SRAC headquarters are a pivotal element of a new comprehensive Arts District and City Gateway: Shreveport Common.

ART is a gift from William Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg and Moonbot Studios with funding from the Educational Foundation of America. We received these amazing photos of the progression of ART’s creation from the commissioned artist Denver Fabricator, JunoWorks.

We are expecting ART to join us in Shreveport, Louisiana at the New Year – January 2014. The generous Club 101 donors are also excited for ART’s arrival, as they will see their name and their loved one’s names beaming from ART’s lighted “spots” and “dots”.
In coming years, CLUB 101 members will launch an outreach program to encourage SRAC’s mission of “ARTS ACCESSIBILITY.” Club 101 members will provide free programs, classes, and performances to area social service groups such as Providence House, Mercy Center, VOA Lighthouse, and the VOA Center for the Disabled. There’s still time to purchase a “spot” or a “dot” and become a CLUB 101 member!