Shreveport Regional Arts Council and LAMAR ADVERTISING install Iconic Exclamation Mark

The new 20′ tall Shreveport Regional Arts Council EXCLAMATION MARK, created by Steve Culp, installed Friday, September 27, in front of the Central ARTSTATION on Common Street, by Lamar Advertising, features a metal sculpture conceived by JRyanArtist and created and fabricated by Steve Culp.

The Exclamation Mark is the Shreveport Regional Arts Council’s logo and stands for our goal to always “Imagine That!” for Shreveport and Northwest Louisiana. The Exclamation Mark was originally designed in the mid 1990’s by Dan Teague (deceased) through a Regional Design Competition. Dan went on to make the Exclamation Mark iconic to all named programs of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council; he also designed the 1998 “Hot! Hot! Hot!” Christmas in the Sky promotional materials.

As part of a “Call to Artists” for artworks installed throughout the interior and exterior of the Central ARTSTATION, JRyanArtist (Ryan McCutcheon) interpreted the logo and designed a large-scale sculpture to help people identify the Central ARTSTATION and the parking area. JRyan is an active graphic designer, artist, muralist, and public art commissioned artist having recently completed the logos for Shreveport Common and subsequent “Welcome to Shreveport Common” signage.

Sculptor Steve Culp translated JRyanArtist’s concept into a technical design with the selection of metal materials, brilliant airplane paints, and an original “Culp Finial.” Steve fabricated and is installing the 20′ Exclamation Mark. Steve is renowned for designing internationally award winning motorcycles and airplanes. Recently, he moved from functional artworks to the creation of a “Mechanical Planet” comprised of large and small scale mechanical sculptures that incorporate antique metal pieces, often from airplanes, motorcycles, automobiles, boats, and trains from around the world. Each of Steve’s Metal characters has an authentic and interesting story; his work has been featured at the Fine Art Gallery and the Norsworthy Gallery.

Joshua Porter, Shreveport Regional Arts Council Public Art Director, oversees the installation of all public art to include the “Imagine That!” Exclamation Mark. Pam Atchison, SRAC’s Executive Director exclaims, “What a joy to see that the Central Fire Station is now officially recognized as SRAC’s Central ARTSTATION enthusiastically welcoming all artists, citizens, and visitors to this historic site where the Arts reign supreme! We are thrilled to be able to tell our visitors, when asked, ‘how do I know where you are?’ – simply, turn into our lot at the Exclamation Mark! Thanks to this remarkable team of artists who have taken us from design to installation!”

Read The Shreveport Times article about the new EXCLAMATION MARK sculpture: