SHREVEPORT COMMON: Community Change Through the Arts

A recent article released by the Volunteers of America Lighthouse Program highlights the work of one of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council’s successful Professional Artists, Angelique Feaster-Evans as she completes her required Volunteer Community Service for the SRAC “Pay-It-Forward” program.

~Giggling, LightHouse fourth and fifth graders conjured their best British accents: “The brown cow has speckled spots.”

The strange sentence was the beginning of their drama lesson, led by volunteer Angelique Feaster Evans.

She first started working with the LightHouse in the spring as part of Shreveport Regional Arts Council’s Pay it Forward Program. In return for borrowing space at SRAC, Evans vowed to share her art with the community.~

The full article can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

SRAC’s “Pay-It-Forward” program launched in February 2013 with the Grand Opening of the Central ARTSTATION as part of the award winning Artist as Entrepreneur training program.  To date 12 artists have completed “Pay-It-Forward” services reaching more than 160 Shreveport Common Social Service “neighbors!” SRAC currently has artists committed and in the process of providing their own Pay-It-Forward services to our area partners.  The next Artist as Entrepreneur class will begin this month.