Movement on Main Jury Deliberates and Selects Final Design Team

At 8:30am on April 3rd, all 14 Movement on Main competition jury members arrived at the Near Westside Initiative (NWSI) office for what would be a long but fascinating day of seeing presentations from the 5 design teams, deliberating over them, and finally selecting a winner.

The morning was filled with all five design teams presenting their ideas for what “Movement on Main” should look like on Wyoming street in the Near Westside.  The ideas varied widely but all were grounded nicely in the requests of the neighborhood residents, and representatives of the NWSI.  After seeing the presentations and having Q&A sessions with each team, the jury broke for lunch and then headed into the deliberation stage of the day.

Thanks to the great work of our competition adviser, Julia Czerniak, we were able to have Richard Weller, the Professor and Chair of Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and well known author as our jury chair.  Richard guided the group through the 5 teams and their work.  The jury quickly narrowed in on 2 teams.  At that point deliberations got much more difficult and the jury really dug deeper into each proposal.

After a few hours, much thought, and lively conversation, the jury was able to come to a consensus vote for one team!  Check back on April 15th when we officially announce the winner of the competition and unveil the next steps in our quest to transform Wyoming street into the most interesting, exciting, and healthy main street on the East Coast.