Re-imagining Dithyrambalina

Dithyrambalina was originally meant to be a single musical house, visually designed by Swoon,  and built on our Piety st. lot. Because we were not sure what musical architecture should sound like, or if it would work, New Orleans Airlift’s Artistic Director Delaney Martin led over 25 collaborating sound and visual artists in the creation of The Music Box, a shantytown sound laboratory, as a proof-of concept for our idea.

The overwhelming success of The Music Box changed our ideas of what we wanted to do. Piety Street was too small to hold our huge crowds and we came to really love the experience of moving through a musical village.

When it came time to redesign Dithyrambalina, we decided to combine the two visions. Swoon’s original house would now become part of a larger village of sound houses each built by a new visual artists in collaboration with sound artists.

Throughout January 2013, New Orleans Airlift called together our team of artists, musicians and inventors to solicit their ideas and opinions. Then Delaney, Swoon, lead sound artist Taylor Shepherd, architect Wayne Troyer, and design team members Christian Repaal and Michael Glenboski got down to work.

At the end of the month we gave a party to unveil or model. Don’t worry if you missed it! There will be more models. This project involves the collaboration of 30 artists who will continue to inform eachother’s designs. It is a complicated dance we will be doing until we get it just right!!