Hudson Opera House, a multi-arts center in Hudson, NY

Founded in a former City Hall building in 1855, the Hudson Opera House currently serves as a multi-use performance space in Hudson, NY.¬†After 30 years of abandonment, the building was brought back to life by volunteers who formed a nonprofit and began rehabilitation and programming. ¬†Located in a dangerous part of town with little foot traffic from non-residents, many were skeptical of volunteers’ efforts to restore the historic space. Today, twenty years and twelve capital projects later, the Hudson Opera House has married its storied history with its new role as cultural anchor in a burgeoning city, helping to transform downtown Hudson into the thriving cultural community it is today.

To date, performances and events have taken place only on the first floor, home to the oldest surviving theater in New York. Renovating the building’s second floor will provide the city of Hudson with an even larger venue to accommodate theatrical productions, dance performances and musical ensembles, while elevating the building to match the quality of its programming. Increased space will also allow the Opera House to accommodate lectures, programs and workshops for a mixed age and income audience, solidifying its role as a galvanizer of community improvement through the arts.