Centre for the Living Arts, Mobile

Dauphin Street Art Park

Mobile is a three hundred year-old port city enriched with many cultural and historical attractions, but it currently lacks a vibrant, central arts district. As part of its new model of community building through the arts, the Centre for Living Arts (CLA) is currently working on the transformation of a vacant downtown lot into the Dauphin Street Art Park: a beacon for contemporary art and design that will not only revitalize Mobile, but also serve as a potent symbol of community transformation through arts in the southeast.

In addition to designed landscaping and outdoor areas for recreation, educational programming and seasonal art installations are also being scoped. As one of the rainiest cities in the country with frequent flash floods and contaminated watersheds, the Art Park will also boast an innovative green stormwater management system that will serve as a model of infrastructure improvement throughout the gulf region.

Working in tandem with a distinguished advisory committee, the CLA will commission a landscape artist/architect of international stature to lead site planning and design development. Serving Mobile residents new and old, international tourists and business travelers, families and downtown workers, the Dauphin Street Art Park will help rebrand Mobile as a city that is entrepreneurial and future-facing, while still being proud of its past.