About arts@efa

What we do:

Arts at the Educational Foundation of America (arts@efa) is a national program that supports arts-driven approaches to economic and social revitalization of underserved communities. By investing in creative initiatives and cultural institutions, arts@efa hopes to encourage artistic and community collaboration, deepen local pride, and champion the arts as an economic driver.

Arts@efa believes in the power of information sharing. We encourage our grantees and artists to exchange their ideas, inspirations - even their setbacks - in order to improve the projects they’re currently working on, as well as projects to come.

Where we do it:

Arts@efa supports artists and organizations whose proposals offer a creative approach to a civic concern. To this end, arts@efa focuses their funds on cities and towns overlooked by larger organizations throughout the USA.
Current towns receiving funding include Summerville, GA; Topeka, KA; Hartford, CT and Mobile, AL, among others.

Why we do it:

Arts@efa believes that creativity has a integral role to play in community revitalization. By partnering artists with deserving communities and nurturing their relationships, we feel we can answer civic needs in a way that will build local pride and promote the social vibrancy that comes from positive, community-based change.

Through the integration of art into civic life, we hope to revitalize the social and economic fabric of arts@efa funded communities and contribute to the sustainability of a creative society in which the arts play an important part in the way problems are solved.